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If you are a new user, please complete your registration. Once approval has been completed, you will be able to view information for your student(s).

Welcome to the HAYS CISD Parent Self Serve Portal

  • You must use Google Chrome to access PSS. Using other browsers will not display info correctly.
  • You must complete online registration before you can see your child's 2019 schedule in PSS.
  • BUS ROUTES only display on the desktop version of PSS. You cannot see your child's bus info in the PSS mobile app.

To create a PSS account: 

  • Click the "New Users" link below to create your PSS user ID and password. 
  • You need the following information to create your account - Your name and home address; and your student's name, date of birth, and student ID number (lunch number).
  • If you have more than one child, you only need to create your account and register one child. All of your children will display in your account once you login.
Need help with your PSS account: 
Please contact the registrar at your child's campus or visit our PSS website at https://www.hayscisd.net/PSS for helpful resources.

Not receiving call-outs about district and campus news? 
Parents must opt-in to receive phone calls about non-emergency district and campus news. To opt-in, log into your PSS account, click the Edit Contact Info tab, and click the Edit button. Check the "Alert" checkbox next to your phone number and click the Submit Changes button. Repeat this process for each of your students.

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